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      Qingdao Yutong Concrete Hardware Co.,Ltd. 玩弄放荡人妇系列AV在线网站,隔壁小寡妇让我爽了一夜,18禁10O张少妇裸体图片,公侵犯玩弄熟睡人妻电影  
      Qingdao Yutong Concrete Hardware Co.,Ltd.
      About us

         Qingdao Yutong Concrete Hardware Co.,Ltd was founded in 1993. We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of construction hardware, hand tools and farm and ranch product. This company is located in Northern Jiaodong Peninsula with advanced communication equipments and convenient transportations. Yutong Concrete Hardware has more than 2,000 employees including 236 engineers. This company covers an area of 200,000 sq. meter with over 1,200 sets of state of the art manufacturing equipments.  

         In the past 14 years, this company has been involved in designing, development and production of hand tools, construction hardware, farm & ranch product. With abundant experience, there are always high quality products with most competitive price.   

        Based on í▒ best service, perfect quality, competitive price and innovationsí▒ , we grow our business step by step. Our word is our contract. We pledge our loyalty to our channel partners; giving them all the support, service and quality products they need. Put simply, we are not satisfied until our customer is.       Customerí»s care is our life ĘC this is just not a statement but our philosophy. Let us win and grow together.



    Qingdao Yutong Concrete Hardware Co.,Ltd.
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